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Britt’s First Months at Duodeka

In September 2023, Britt started as a UX/UI specialist and marketer at Venture Builder Duodeka. She came across Duodeka multiple times on LinkedIn and decided to apply. The connection was immediate, and both look back on a successful start. In this article, we take a look back at Britt’s first months at Duodeka.

The Introduction

Britt had seen Duodeka on LinkedIn. The combination of marketing and creating designs for innovative software products immediately caught her attention. Britt also found the relatively new concept of Venture Building interesting: “The idea of growing your own companies really appealed to me. Research naturally plays a big role in developing new products. This is something I wanted, so I would be challenged to think.”

This prompted Britt to apply at Duodeka after obtaining her Msc. New Media Design from Tilburg University. After several discussions, the enthusiasm was mutual, and not long after, Britt officially started at Duodeka.

“You must be able to work independetly. I really appreciate the level of trust and responsibility i get in return.”

Britt Wieland

Designer & Marketeer @ Duodeka

The First Months

When asked about her first months, Britt speaks with enthusiasm: “The variety in my workweek is very pleasant. I work on different ventures, and the type of work varies greatly, from designing for marketing to working on the UX/UI of the ventures.” A great example of how people at Duodeka can turn their passion into work. The research role also comes into play in the design of the ventures, combining the theoretical background from the University with practical design skills.

At Duodeka, we stand for development and trust as an employer. You get opportunities to develop in the areas that interest you and make your heart beat faster. Additionally, a high degree of independence is required. As a reward, we offer a lot of freedom. Britt confirms this: “You must be able to work independently. I really appreciate the level of trust and responsibility I get in return.”

Development and Learning

“Working on different ventures, I had to get used to my own project management. Fortunately, I’ve completely mastered that by now. I have created a lot of structure and overview in my work.”

Investing in the ambitions of our team members is an important pillar for Duodeka. When we delve into Britt’s ambitions, she replied, “I want to further delve into the UX/UI of B2B software products. That’s a whole different world than B2C. Additionally, I would like to, for example, guide an intern so I can learn to delegate work and manage someone.” At Duodeka, we will certainly offer Britt these opportunities to take the next steps.

The Culture

Finally, we talk about the culture in the office. Since we find it very important that everyone can be themselves, we were pleased when Britt spontaneously mentioned, “I felt comfortable very quickly. You get the feeling here that you can just be yourself.”

All in all, Britt and Duodeka look back on a very successful start to their collaboration. Both the alignment in culture and tasks are excellent. We are delighted that Britt is now part of our venture building team as a UX/UI specialist.