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Fueling B2B SaaS startups with our proven venture building flywheel

An overwhelmed feeling, expensive vendors, high risks and the lack of a sparring partner. Your startup is your passion and love. But the level of stress is intense. That’s where we come in, a team of dedicated co-founders, entrepreneurs and B2B SaaS specialists. You take care of everything commercial, we take care of everything else, allowing you to focus solely on driving growth. Together we accelerate your company towards € 1M ARR and transform your ambitions into reality.



Higher success and return ratios

The IRR of venture builder companies is around 50% according to various studies. For single startups, the IRR is only 21%.


Expertise and experience

The continuous development and launch of digital startups creates repetitive experience. This knowledge is captured in playbooks and methodologies.


Access to talent

A venture builder's team consists of specialists. Think of software developers, strategists, sales and marketers. This provides access to core competencies that are difficult to obtain.


Flexible use of skills

The venture building team is flexible and the required skills can be flown in at the desired time.


Faster market entry and exits

For venture builder companies, the time to Series A is on average 25 months (1.24x faster than single startups). The average time to a seed round is 11 months (2.27x faster than single startups).


Access manuals, resources and processes

Venture builders record their acquired knowledge in handbooks and create optimized processes. This way there is access to a lot of knowledge.


Ready to-go team

The venture building team has all the necessary skills for building digital businesses. In this way, the team manages to realize an enormous acceleration.


You can leverage our experience to grow faster than you could ever imagine. When you join our venture builder, you get direct access to our complete venture building team that has extensive experience in growing B2B SaaS companies. From software development to marketing, and from strategy to fundraising, we take care of everything except commercial growth. Next to that, you can leverage our cutting-edge low-code software development platform, along with an extensive array of playbooks, templates and proven business building processes. To top it all off, our complete ecosystem is already in place, from accountants to lawyers, and from insurance to contracts. Embrace Duodeka as the ultimate co-founder and join our expedition to greatness.

Let's meet DUODEKA

Duodeka is not an incubator, accelerator, agency or VC. We are a group of experienced founders, entrepreneurs and B2B SaaS specialists.




Experienced founders approach Duodeka with their early stage venture. A co-founding position is taken in the company. The venture lead focuses on commercial scaling. The venture building team contributes all other required core competencies.

The idea for the venture originated in-house. In the early phase, an experienced co-founder is linked to the idea. Together we build and scale the company.

We solve wicked problems for large organizations. Provided that the solution can be converted into a venture.