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There are many great ideas and entrepreneurs, yet the failure rate of startups is incredibly high: 92%.

How is this possible? Single startup founders do not possess all the necessary skills and often feel overwhelmed. Concepting, software development (management), marketing, sales, etc. etc.

They need support and relief, but not every skill immediately requires a full-time position. Expanding the team is time-consuming and risky. External vendors are expensive and have conflicting interests. Moreover, the lack of a sparring partner is a major drawback. Therefore, the high failure rate can be easily explained.


Duodeka is a Venture Builder and fights the high startup failure rate. With a group of experienced entrepreneurs, we launch and build B2B SaaS companies with solid business models. We accelerate these companies in-house to € 1M ARR.

We co-found these B2B SaaS companies with experienced entrepreneurs (venture leads) who focus entirely on commercial growth. Our venture building team has all the other core skills required, which can be contracted for approximately 50% of the budget. As a result, the venture lead is fully relieved.

Think of completely taking over (management of) software development, determining and executing the marketing strategy, and taking over labor-intensive back-office tasks such as finance, HR, and legal. All of these tasks are handled by specialists with recurring experience in the world of B2B SaaS at a high level.

In addition, cross-pollination occurs between the different ventures. The team is well-coordinated and flexible. Additionally, there is access to Flystart (accelerated software development) and numerous handbooks, templates, and processes. This makes Duodeka an exceptional company-building flywheel.

In summary, complete relief for the founder, who can focus on commercial growth. The existing experience, large skill set, mutual cross-pollination, and handbooks of the venture building team ensure a significant acceleration. High-level and with a passionate co-founder. The dream of every SaaS startup entrepreneur.

So, do you want to accelerate your early-stage startup to € 1M ARR? Or are you interested in joining as a venture lead in one of the startups in our pipeline? Then be sure to read on!


Duodeka focuses on B2B SaaS companies with solid business models. The costs are low, cash flow is predictable, and the ventures are scalable. Even in turbulent times. Additionally, the multiples are high.

To enter the venture builder, the underlying problem/assumption must be validated, and the target audience defined. This can be done through (1) >€ 25K ARR in realized revenue or letters of intent or (2) fundraising.

If the underlying problem/assumption has not been validated yet, Duodeka can also be approached. However, during the validation phase, Duodeka will only participate in an advisory role.


Of course, we are always looking for founders who want to enter the venture builder with their validated startup. In addition, we are constantly working internally on new digital products. For these products, we are looking for experienced entrepreneurs who want to join as venture leads.


Entrepreneurs with their own B2B SaaS startup can enter the venture builder after successful validation of the business idea. The aforementioned validation requirements apply.

Our ideal founder meets several of the following criteria:

  • Founder of a validated B2B SaaS startup.
  • A proven track record of successfully building a digital startup.
  • A passion for discovering product-market fit and achieving commercial growth.
  • You have a background in the world of software/tech.
  • You are a true entrepreneur and enjoy getting your hands dirty.


Our venture building team is always validating and prototyping new digital startups. We currently have multiple digital products for which we are looking for a venture lead to bring the product to product-market fit and scale.

We are looking for curious and ambitious entrepreneurs who already have experience building a startup. Our ideal founder meets several of the following criteria:

  • A proven track record of successfully building a digital startup.
  • A passion for discovering product-market fit and achieving commercial growth.
  • You have worked in a commercial role at a startup and made a significant contribution to its growth.
  • You have a background in the industry of the relevant startup.
  • You have a background in the world of software/tech.
  • You are a true entrepreneur and enjoy getting your hands dirty.
  • Requirements may vary for each startup, and they are always detailed in the vacancy.


From the moment you join as a venture lead, you have immediate access to all in-house skills, resources, and knowledge. You can bring in additional resources for approximately 50% of the budget. This way, you are completely taken care of and can focus on commercial growth. By having the venture building team take care of all other core competencies, an enormous acceleration is achieved.

The core competencies that you get through the venture building team range from software development (management) to marketing and from strategy to finance. All of these are skills that are difficult to obtain and are also very expensive in the current market.

As a venture lead (including your team), you can take a place in the Duodeka Hub. This includes entrepreneurs and talent with the same incentive: to make the startup skyrocket.

The next chapters will zoom in on the different phases and the concrete skills/resources that Duodeka brings in.



During the ideation phase, the entrepreneur works on defining the idea, the underlying problems/assumptions, and the intended target audience.

Duodeka aims to eventually enter as an operational and strategic investor. In the ideation phase, Duodeka still has an advisory role from the perspective of a strategic investor.

The result of this phase is a pitch deck that Duodeka evaluates based on market (type, size, growth potential, competition), value (willingness to pay), and feeling. With a positive evaluation, Duodeka will advise to start validation and remain involved. With a negative evaluation, the entrepreneur can continue without the help of Duodeka as a venture builder.


The ideation phase has shown potential and a good feeling. During the validation phase, the startup’s idea, underlying problems/assumptions, and business model are validated to assess whether the idea can grow into a viable and solid company. With successful validation, the startup can join the venture builder, along with the entrepreneur and the team.

Duodeka uses strict validation requirements, namely: (1) realized revenue of more than 25K ARR or letters of intent, or (2) raised funding.

During the validation phase, Duodeka plays an advisory role, reviewing market research, giving feedback on the business model, and making suggestions. Thanks to Duodeka’s extensive experience with B2B SaaS startups, it can provide valuable advice. Moreover, its large network can be utilized, allowing for a significant acceleration of the validation process.


The validation phase is completed, and the entrepreneur joins the Venture Builder with the startup. Duodeka takes a minority stake in the venture and is now also operationally involved.

In addition to developing the PoC/MVP, all other core aspects of the company are prototyped, such as marketing, branding, sales, propositions, and strategy. This creates a kind of business prototype that is tested in the market.

The venture lead remains the entrepreneur, but can now fully focus on achieving product-market fit and commercial growth. With approximately 50% of the budget, the venture lead can enlist the help of Duodeka’s venture building team to be fully supported in all other matters. This way, the entrepreneur can dive into sales.

Duodeka’s venture building team has scarce and valuable skills and resources, which are typically also very expensive to bring in. From marketing to software and from strategy to back-office tasks. All at a high level by specialists with repetitive experience in B2B SaaS.

In addition to services, we also have a product suite specifically for B2B SaaS companies. This includes financial dashboards, legal documents and manuals, as well as our own low-code software development platform Flystart, which allows us to develop an MVP very quickly.

In short, the venture building team offers scarce skills and resources, allowing the venture lead to fully focus on commercial growth.

Product Market Fit 

The company’s prototype has been established and tested in the market. Commercial growth can now be pursued while improving all other processes within the company.

We aim to achieve optimal product-market fit by fine-tuning the solution, target audience, and business model based on market feedback. In addition, the ARR must surpass 60K.

The venture lead will continue to focus on commercial growth, and the venture building team will provide necessary skills based on the venture’s needs, precisely when they are needed.

The venture building team ensures rapid and streamlined software development and establishes an effective marketing strategy to promote growth. Additionally, the team optimizes business processes to increase efficiency and scalability.

Performance dashboards are used to continuously monitor and analyze the company’s performance to make necessary adjustments. Through this integrated approach, the Venture Building team ensures a solid foundation for further company growth.

Duodeka’s investor network is leveraged to obtain the necessary funding for scaling the venture, allowing for a further acceleration after achieving product-market fit.


The commercial foundation is established, and the startup can now begin scaling users, revenue, and profit exponentially up to €1M ARR.

The venture building team remains available to the venture lead, with a possible shift in focus towards back-office processes such as HR, customer success, finance, and legal.

The venture’s internal team will gradually grow and become increasingly independent. With a view to follow-on investments, the venture intends to take core competencies such as software development in-house.

Duodeka’s involvement gradually decreases or shifts to the aforementioned back-office tasks. Of course, the venture may choose to continue to receive certain skills from the venture building team.

On a strategic level, Duodeka remains involved in the role of strategic investor.


After reaching €1M ARR, Duodeka’s involvement will be minimized. The venture will have grown into a solid, independent company.



The most important of all. The only thing that requires your attention and focus is commercial growth. Duodeka relieves you of all other core competencies. From marketing to software development and from strategy to finance. This way, you can make your startup skyrocket, faster than you ever dreamed possible.

Not only is the growth of your startup the big plus, but you also get a bit more peace of mind. Startup entrepreneurship is cool, but also incredibly hectic. By entering our venture builder, your work becomes more focused, efficient, and easier.


When you enter the venture builder with your digital startup, you will continue to hold a majority stake in the company. Duodeka takes a minority stake – or has the ambition to grow into a minority stake – in the company.

When you are paired as a venture lead with a startup from the venture builder, you receive shares in the respective company. In this situation as well, Duodeka takes a minority stake, or has the ambition to grow into a minority stake.


When you join the venture builder, you immediately gain access to all in-house skills, resources, and knowledge. The venture building team has skills in marketing, sales, software development, HR, strategy, business development, etc.

The skills of the venture building team are flexible and can be deployed when you need them. This way, you have access to the necessary skills when you need them.


Flystart quickly takes us from concept to realization of your application. Think of it as a shell delivery of a house. The foundation is laid, the walls are up, and the windows are in. Flystart does all this for your application with the push of a button. The software can be a web application, mobile app, or SaaS platform.

In addition, with flystart, we can develop specific modules for your SaaS solution. Think of Auth & Users, Pricing & Plans, User Analytics, and Business Intelligence.

With Flystart, we can develop (parts of) your solution at an accelerated pace. This way, you save a lot of time and money.


Duodeka has countless handbooks, templates, and processes. Specifically for building B2B SaaS companies. Of course, you also get access to this.


The venture building team is coordinated and has an entrepreneurial mentality. You have the opportunity to join our hub. This way, you are directly surrounded by incredibly talented people.

In addition, Duodeka has a large network of investors and entrepreneurs. This network offers many valuable connections.


1. You can contact us by email and include your pitch deck.

2. If we are enthusiastic, we will schedule a phone introduction.

3. If the connection is good, we invite you to our office for a first meeting with the Duodeka board.

4. The next steps will be determined after this meeting.