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How we work

We’re not just a Venture Builder; we’re architects of innovation. Together with experienced entrepreneurs and investors, we solve complex challenges of organizations that have societal impact. We then passionately transform the solutions into scalable SaaS companies.

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What makes us different?

#1 We do what the usual suspects don’t

We found ventures with societal impact that arise from complex challenges of organizations. The solutions are therefore not simple tools. The complexity extends the time to market readiness, but our business model enables us to do this. This makes us the ideal founder for complex SaaS solutions.

#2 We are real founders

You’re not just a customer. We don’t operate on an hourly billing basis or with the wrong incentive structures. We want to build a venture together with you. Our commitment is to solve a complex problem together. This makes us real founders, not another agency.

#3 We are multi-disciplinary operators

We are real operators. We stand with our feet in the mud and have years of valuable experience in the world of SaaS. With our full-service team, we possess all the necessary skills for the entire lifecycle. This means that we do not shy away from complexity.

#4 we are impact makers

We focus on startups that make an impact. Think of closing the gap between demand and supply in healthcare, pioneering privacy and risk mitigation in governmental entities and a truly social network that connects people in real life.

Our method

We unite the critical factors for saas companies

How duodeka works

Our infrastructure

Over the years, we developed our own venture building infrastructure that enables us to make SaaS success repetitevely achievable.

Duodeka team


Specialists and experience

We only work with the best people. Furthermore, our venture building team has extensive experience in building and scaling SaaS companies. This makes us smarter, faster and better.

Duodeka playbooks


Valuable and proven playbooks

Our repetitive experience is captured in playbooks, processes, and methods. This wealth of structured knowledge adds an extra acceleration throughout the entire lifecycle.

Duodeka technology


Low-code platform Flystart

Flystart is an in-house developed low-code platform. It enables the rapid development of the first sustainable version of the solution. A unique strength.

Our stages

For successfully building SaaS ventures, we go through the following stages.

Progress process

Stage 1

Problem stage

A corporation, government department, or large SME approaches us with a complex challenge that has societal impact. We start delving deep into the issue. We conduct research, formulate and test hypotheses, run numerous interviews, and completely immerse ourselves in the world of the group experiencing the challenge to precisely understand the problem, the target audience, and the business opportunity.

Progress process

Stage 2

Solution stage

Through Validation Tests, Pretotyping, Prototyping, PoCs, MVPs, and the like, we iteratively work towards the solution. In each step the solution is further refined based on the feedback from the target audience. At the end of this stage your organization has an actual solution for the complex challenge that can be readily implemented, since you are not only the problem owner, but also the first launching customer.

Progress process

Stage 3

Incubation stage

After the problem is solved for one organization, it’s time to incubate and start building a SaaS company around the solution. To lead the new company, we bring in an experienced founder who is supported by our experienced venture building team. The first solution is further developed into an Exceptional Viable Product (EVP) and more launching customers are attracted.

Progress process

Stage 4

Product-market fit stage

This stage is all about finding that legendary Product-Market Fit. With the first launching customers on board, we further test and experiment with different customer profiles, messaging, propositions, sales, and marketing activities to gain proper traction. The EVP is further developed into a proper product. You know once you have Product-Market Fit and you definitely know if you don’t.

Progress process

Stage 5

Scaling stage

Scaling up time! With Product-Market Fit in place, it’s now about ramping up operations while keeping the important metrics in check. Growth should be fast, but financially solid and without losing sight of important quality indicators. As the company matures, it becomes increasingly independent. The first in-house employees are hired, and the operational involvement of the venture builder decreases.

Progress process

Stage 6

Exit stage

Thanks to the strong foundation, the venture building team, existing playbooks, and strong leadership, acceleration happened fast and as ‘smoothly’ as can be. The customer base is large and the operations are solid. Together we prepare the company for an exit so that it is poised to become even greater. This can be a management buy-in/out, a partial or complete exit, or a major investor entering the scene.

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Are you wrestling with a complex challenge that has societal impact, within your organization? And are you seeking a venture partner to tackle this problem? We are always open to organizations that want to build the SaaS products of the future with us.

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To build and scale our ventures, we're always on the lookout for ambitious venture leads. We're seeking experienced entrepreneurs with a commercial background. Will you build the next great SaaS company with us?

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Do you have a SaaS startup that addresses a complex societal challenge? But do you lack the manpower to accelerate and scale the business rapidly? Then we'd love to sit down and discuss the possibilities for a venture partnership.