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Our team

Our venture building team is a dynamic blend of talent, passion, and expertise, perfectly equipped to breathe life into SaaS ventures and scale them to new heights. Ready to meet the creative minds and spirited souls behind our success? Let’s introduce you to our team!

About Duodeka

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Our team members

Daan, CEO

Daan Schoofs


Daan is responsible for the strategy and day-to-day management of Duodeka. Daan obtained a master’s degree in Public Administration at Tilburg University and has over 8 years experience in leadership.

Rik, senior developer

Rik van de Looi


Rik has over 8 years experience in software development for large government projects and our ventures. He obtained a master’s degree in Information Management at Tilburg University.

David, marketeer

David Schulpen


David has been in charge of the marketing activities and strategy of our ventures for over 6 years. He obtained a master’s degree in Marketing Management at Tilburg University.

Sven, software developer

Sven Zahharov

Software developer

Sven is a full-stack developer experienced in working on large and complex development projects. He obtained a degree in Computer Software Engineering at Fontys Hogeschool.

Britt, designer and marketeer

Britt Wieland

Designer & marketeer

Britt obtained her master’s degree in New Media Design at Tilburg University cum laude. She works on the product design and marketing of multiple ventures.

Koen, CTO

Koen Lavrijssen


Koen is experienced in managing complex technical projects. He has been CTO for over 8 years. Koen obtained his master’s degree in Information Management at Tilburg University cum laude.

Vic, software developer

Vic Verberne

Software developer

Vic graduated in Information Technology at Fontys Hogeschool. He is a talented full-stack developer who works on the development of our ventures.

Dion, customer success manager

Dion Duimel

Customer success

Dion has over 8 years experience in IT and business. He has both technical and sales knowledge. Dion obtained his master’s degree in Information Management, Business and IT at Tilburg University cum laude.

Koen, CTO

Sofie Rietdijk

HR & Office manager

Sofie is a Human Resources Management student at Tilburg University. At Duodeka, she is responsible for HR and the management of our office.

Kiril, software developer

Kiril Katsarski

Software developer

Kiril a fast-learning Information Technology and Software Engineering student at Fontys Hogeschool Eindhoven. Kiril has been working on large-scale full-stack projects at Duodeka.

Neyko, software engineer

Neyko Neykov

Software Developer

Neyko is currently graduating in Computer Software Engineering at Fontys Hogeschool Eindhoven. At Duodeka, Neyko gained experience in working on a highly complex software development project.

Dare to make your hands dirty

An entrepreneurial mindset is not enough to solve a complex problem and grow a venture - for that, we need real operational skills. We are committed to attracting and developing the best operators.

Aim for extraordinary co-creation

As true co-founders, we share the vision and the commitment of organizations and entrepreneurs in the joint journey to success.

Be unapologetically ambitious

Together we play the game to win it. We’d rather challenge the status quo and lose everything, than settle for the ordinary.

Stay utterly authentic

Authenticity makes you stand out. We developed our own unique method to solve complex problems and turn them into ventures.

Join our team

Are you enthusiastic about Duodeka? Then your application is always welcome. View our vacancies or send an open application.