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Our story

Duodeka started out with 6 University student-entrepreneurs in 2017 at our alma-mater in Tilburg. We early on saw and believed in the power of multiplication through combining forces. That’s why we started the Duodeka (6 times 2 = 12) cooperative.

Our journey

From custom software agency to venture builder


built startups


operational companies


jobs created

After focussing on solving complex organizational challenges for large organizations and corporations by building custom software applications for them, we gradually began developing our own SaaS building infrastructure. This method aims to transform these solutions into great SaaS companies. Because why should you only develop a custom application for one company, when it can solve a problem for an entire market?


After lots and lots of hard earned experience, we decided in 2020 to pivot the company towards the venture building model. We still solve complex organizational challenges, but only when the solution has the potential to turn into a great SaaS company. Multiple at any given time, through our Duodeka infrastructure.


Building the solution for these wicked-problems can take years. Often beyond the capacity or willingness of the usual suspects. However, our structure empowers us to dedicate the time needed for these challenges. Driven by our strong belief in the importance of solving these challenges and the recognition that their resolution provides us with a distinct competitive advantage.