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The development of Collaborative Editing for one of our SaaS products

The development of Collaborative Editing for one of our SaaS products

Recently, our development team has been working on the development of a Collaborative Editing functionality for one of our ventures: Minutes Software, a B2B SaaS product that optimizes the meeting process. In this blog we tell you how the development of Collaborative Editing came about. WHY COLLABORATIVE EDITING? In the past, many Minutes Software customers […]

The Story about Sven: from intern to development lead

In 2018, Sven did an internship at Duodeka during the third year of his Software Engineering studies. This turned out to be a golden move for both Sven and Duodeka. Sven still works at Duodeka and has become development lead of several ventures. We talked to Sven to look back on the past few years. […]

Amigos lessons learned

“Find a problem, create a solution.” When asked to define entrepreneurship, the quote above is one of our favorites. As with so many beautiful quotes, this one is also completely true. And it seems so simple, but we know that when something seems simple, it doesn’t always have to be. In the meantime, we therefore […]

Validation Board

The Validation Board is a fantastic method to validate and refine ideas or apply a pivot at an early stage. At Duodeka we always use the Validation Board when we start working on a new idea. It is actually a ‘simple’ form of market research, but certainly no less valuable. In fact, we experience this […]


WHAT IS A VALUE PROPOSITION AND WHAT IS THE USE OF IT? A value proposition makes clear what use (value) your product or service (proposition) has for your (potential) customer. Simple right? True, but in practice we notice that there is something more to it. “Poets de Schoen B.V. has the largest selection of shoe […]

Business Model Canvas

THE CANVAS BUSINESS MODEL: EXPLAIN EVERYTHING YOU WANT TO KNOW Do you want to create a new business model? Or map an existing business model? Then the business model canvas is a super handy tool to do this. In the process of digital transformation, the business model canvas can be used in step 2: concept […]

Venture Building

Venture Building, what is it exactly? Venture Builders are organizations fully dedicated to launching, developing, and scaling digital startups. Venture Builders are also known as Venture Studios or Startup Studios. The venture building landscape is growing rapidly and is increasingly being recognized as a new asset class in the investment landscape. In this article, we […]