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At Duodeka, we embark on an adventure with a team of ambitious and talented entrepreneurs to launch, build and accelerate B2B SaaS companies to €1M ARR.

To achieve this, we co-found these companies with experienced entrepreneurs (venture leads) who focus on commercial growth. Our venture building team has all the other necessary skills, providing complete support and focus for the venture lead.

Do you want to walk the path to success with us? Are you an experienced (2nd+) founder with a background in business development and technical expertise? Do you want to build a new startup with full support and be able to focus purely on commercial growth? Then the Venture Lead profile for our SaaS startup Flystart might be right for you.



We are looking for a venture lead for our low-code platform Flystart. Flystart takes us from concept to realization of your application at lightning speed. Think of it as delivering a house structure with the foundation, walls, and windows already in place. Flystart does all of this for your application with just one click. The software can be a web application, mobile app, or SaaS platform.

In addition to the low-code software generation platform that Flystart already is, we see a services strategy for it, making Flystart modular and more extensive over time, with services that can also be used individually. Think of Auth & Users, Pricing & Plans, User Analytics, and Business Intelligence. We focus on B2B SaaS.



We are looking for an ambitious entrepreneur who wants to dive into the commercial growth of Flystart. Our ideal Venture Lead meets several of the following criteria:

  • A proven track record of successfully building a digital startup.
  • A passion for discovering product-market-fit and realizing commercial growth.
  • You have worked in a commercial role at a startup and made a significant contribution to its growth.
  • You have a background in the world of software/tech.
  • You are a true entrepreneur and like to get your hands dirty.


How do we work?

Together, we go through the Duodeka stages: validation, prototyping, product-market-fit, scaling, and exit. For each stage, we have a process, targets, and the corresponding skills and resources available.

During these stages, you will focus on the commercial growth of Flystart. From our Venture Building team, you can bring in all other core competencies, from marketing to software development and from strategy to finance. In addition, we take care of all the back-office tasks.

It’s not just about services. You will also have direct access to numerous products (including Flystart: accelerated software development), manuals, templates, and processes. Together, we will achieve a tremendous acceleration 🚀



We would be happy to tell you more in a personal conversation. Contact Duodeka to schedule a meeting.

"As a Venture Lead I focus on my specialty: sales. Duodeka's venture building team relieves me in all other areas."


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